Shauny Walker


    Music  is the message, and music is the answer for Shauny Walker. A Canadian  sound designing producer coming from the artistic background. Growing up  from vinyl, and tape mixing, his techniques have made him evolve into  today’s music by the influences, and experiences of yesterday.

      Shauny Walker has a  great passion for records in this vast world of  music. Ambition is simple, the love of records. Creating his own  productions from electronics, synthesizers, and hard disk recording he  definitely has a great ear to feel out the vibes of yesterday, today for  tomorrow. He is always on the hunt for more records, and artists.  Always listening to a wide range of diverse artists sounds from  everywhere. His selections, his mixing skills, deliver stunning mix set  sensations for you to listen, and dance to.

     Shauny Walker is  somewhat of a sound craftsman. He is an artist whose passion is for  playing music, and bringing artists together. Portal Music Records is a  platform foundation for emerging electronica artists. Over the years he  has become a unique producer of electronica sounds. His productions can  be heard on Portal Music Records. 

Michael Flock


 Aka: DJ Glitch, Weatherbox

      Michael Flock has been an active music artist since 1983 when he  created his first cassette tape release under the 'Abstract Gallery'  moniker.  For the following decade he experimented with multiple  applications sometimes mimicking Robert Fripp and his use of dual tape  machines to create and 'endless loop'.  Then Roland came along with a  number of interesting Drum Machines that changed everything.  

      It started with the CR-78 for me (says Michael) it was a Jean-Michel  Jarre thing I guess I liked the chirpy sound of the drum machine... Then  there was the 303-606  combo which actually got me going on a serious  techno track...then the 808, but the 909 was my serious tool of choice  during the 90's, it had the kick drum that could blow out the back  window of a Skoda... Each kick was slightly different from the other,  unlike digital versions, and that's what made it so satisfying in a live  situation.  

     The live performances had a certain  improvisational element the made it fun but unpredictable at times,  especially when there were technical difficulties. Now I am using  software based music programs, which give me the breadth and  flexibility  of using all my favorite analog synthesizers from my past  in a compact and creative environment.

     After a long hiatus,  Michael began participating with Portal Music, a new music label  representing local talent and artists. We can expect a large  back-catalog release from Micheal as he has been recording tracks since  the early 80's. Plus many new tracks as he moves forward with his  participating with Portal Music. 

Nigel Holder


    Before  being a successful entrepreneur, Nigel grew up in the early 80’s and  90’s where they used hip hop and street dancing as a way to endorse a  non-violent lifestyle. Inspired by the Chicago House movement of the  90’s, Nigel Holder began his journey into sound, and would soon enough  have an appetite for Detroit’s motor city soul sound in his vinyl  collection.

      As time progresses with the sounds of the dance  culture, Nigel began a journey into a self-artistic creation, and  promoting. Working with visual elements with photography, and  videography would further enhance Nigel Holder’s skillful wonders into  producing, and promoting ideas from the everyday life. From an old  school dancer, to working into a consulting firm for the travel  industry, and promoting and marketing XS Energy Drink, Nigel Holder  continues to be involved in where the clubbing scene lies today.  

Jay James



Aka: DJ 2TEN

       Jay James is a DJ, producer and electronic geek who was born in  Toronto. Jay started out formally educated on drums and brass  instruments for many years. He was also the lead vocalist and backup  drummer for the band Dr. Pepper. He started his musical journey many  years ago. He attended his first (DEMF) Detroit Electronic Music  Festival in 1999 while living in Detroit for over 5 years. At that point  he was hooked on DJ’ing and the electronic sounds of techno.

        Jay has DJ’ed at several clubs and lounges in Toronto, Detroit, and as  far as Cozumel, Mexico. Jay treats DJ’ing as a fine art and includes a  “no holds barred” approach to any set he plays. The influences of the  “Detroit Techno” sound are presently heard in his productions and  remixes. His sets include the latest and rare classic sounds which first  inspired him on this epic voyage, which is now only the beginning.  Check out Jay James as he comes through your area which will be a night  you won’t forget. You can hear his productions on Portal Music Records.